Should You Blog?

Here are five questions to ask yourself before you jump into blogging – for yourself or for your clients.

Everyone is talking about the benefits of organic SEO and how it drives free leads forever once you get listed on Google for the keywords you’re targeting. But is that always true for everybody? Is blogging right for your business and the audience you are trying to reach or will it be a fruitless waste of time?

The answer to this question is NOT a one-size-fits-all type of thing. So, right now let’s explore five things to consider before you invest time into blogging for your business (or for your clients’ businesses).

At the end of this session you’ll have clarity on at least three critical points for attracting leads through your blog:

  • Is blogging is right for your type of business?
  • If so, what you should be blogging about to make sure you’re attracting the right, high-quality leads?
  • Are you accidentally devaluing and commoditizing yourself with your blog?

If you have been thinking about blogging for your web design business or for one of your clients, this is 30-minutes you don’t want to miss because it can literally save you months of time, gobs of heartache, and thousands of dollars of misguided effort.

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