No-Stress High-Ticket Client Acquisition For Web Designers

Belief has transformative power. As web designers, we often base our confidence on our skill set, and there’s nothing wrong with that. After all, skills are tangible, testable, and demonstrable. But I want to introduce a paradigm shift, a new angle to view the web design world – the power of unwavering belief in the solution you provide.

An unwavering belief is not just confidence in your skills, but the deep-seated conviction that your solution is the absolute best option for your clients. This belief is literally the difference between being a struggling freelancer and a highly successful entrepreneur. It influences everything about your business, including your pricing, your marketing, and especially your sales and client interactions.

Impact on Pricing and Marketing

Your belief in your solution directly correlates to your comfort level in charging higher prices. It is the first step in understanding that you’re offering more than just a service. You’re providing a solution that will bring about real, tangible results for your clients.

This belief also fuels your marketing. No longer are you merely marketing your skills, but you’re now marketing results. This makes your marketing pitch compelling and persuasive because clients are more interested in the outcome than the process.

Impact on Sales and Client Meetings

When you step into a meeting with a prospective client, brimming with confidence about your solution, the impact is magnetic. Clients can sense your confidence, and it alleviates their fears and uncertainties. Instead, they share your belief. Your energy and confidence will be contagious. That’s what inspires your clients to move forward with you. People want to be inspired. People need to be inspired.

Building My Belief Stack

Every time I develop an offer or build a solution, the first thing I do is build my belief stack. I do this before writing the copy for the website and certainly before talking to any potential clients. Here’s how I build my belief stack.

The first step of my journey is clearly defining my audience. Who is this thing for? Once I know who my target audience is, I focus on uncovering the outcomes my ideal client would want. I brainstorm business outcomes like more traffic, leads, revenue, quicker sales cycles, more social proof, and a larger email list of hot leads.

But I also consider personal outcomes. I think about their emotional well-being, their desire for more free time for hobbies, family time, and financial freedom. After creating a comprehensive list of these outcomes, I then map out how my skills can deliver them.

The final and most critical step is building my belief in the solution I am offering. I scrutinize every aspect of my offer and start itemizing all the reasons why my solution outperforms anything a garden-variety web designer could offer. I list out one thing that I’m going to provide that my client needs. Then I write down all the benefits they get from that one thing. Then I flip my thinking upside down and write out all the consequences of my client not having this thing. I keep repeating that process over and over dozens of times. This is what I call my belief stack.

Once I have my belief stack, I run it through my brain over and over every day. I marinate my mind in my belief stack every day, especially before any client meeting. Before going into a meeting, I feel like Superman, Thor, Rambo, and Iron Man all smushed together into one.

Go into a meeting like that and see what happens. Compare that with going into a meeting not even knowing what the client needs, much less having thought through a potential solution.

When you’re prepared, you can be firm and assertive, helping your clients without being overbearing, pushy, or stressful.

They Journey Towards Leadership

Building your belief stack is as much about leadership as it is about confidence. You need confidence to be a good leader. Your clients need your leadership.

You can’t do all of this overnight, at least I couldn’t. It takes time, planning, and practice. But, it is absolutely transformational. By identifying the value your solution provides and the outcomes you are confident that you can deliver, you’ll have a power that influences every aspect of your business.

It’s essentially a five-step process:

  1. Define your audience
  2. List the outcomes your client wants
  3. Build an offer that delivers those outcomes
  4. Build your belief stack
  5. Land awesome clients

This is one of the core components of DoubleStack. So, if this is something you’re ready for, go ahead and schedule a call with me, and I’ll help you put all of this together based on your skills, your business, and the audience you want to work with.

There are some requirements. You do have to be pretty good at what you do. This isn’t about tricking yourself into believing stuff that isn’t true. It’s about getting your offer in alignment with your skills so you can genuinely help people in a way that works out really well for you too.

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