Stop Having “Discovery” Sessions With Your Clients!

When you meet with your clients, are you having a “discovery session” where you’re asking questions like:

  • What types of clients are you trying to attract?
  • Who is your ideal client?
  • How do you want to be perceived in the market?
  • What are some websites you like?
  • What’s your budget?

If this sounds familiar, or if you are describing your business on your website by saying that the first thing you will do is have an in-depth “discovery session” to find out what your client wants, it is going to be very hard to charge high-ticket rates for your work.

Right now you are going to get clarity on these questions:

  • Why do most web designers structure their client meetings like this if it doesn’t work?
  • What’s wrong with this approach?
  • Why is it hard to win high-value clients like this?

Then we’re going to go through the 5 game ending problems caused by this outdated meeting structure.

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