How To Price WordPress Consulting Successfully

The prices you charge determine everything about your business:

  • The types of clients you attract
  • The Feast or Famine cycle
  • The outcomes you can generate for your clients
  • The way you view client relationships
  • Whether or not you can even stay in business

If you’ve ever wondered what you should be charging, how to set your pricing, or what your work is actually worth, this session is for you!

Pricing Is THE Most Import Part Of Your Business

Some people might say your skills are the most important because without skills what are you charging for? Others say marketing is the most important because without great marketing how do you get clients? I say pricing is the most important because if your pricing is wrong you will attract the wrong clients and you won’t have the opportunity to exercise your skills.

Obviously your skills and your marketing are very important, but if your pricing is wrong it impacts:

  • Your ability to create effective marketing
  • The perception your clients have of you, your business, and your skills
  • Your ability to do the amount of work necessary to drive results for your clients
  • Your ability to even stay in business

In this session we’re going to be diving into all of this by focussing on three areas.

  1. How your pricing is integral to power and effectiveness of your marketing
  2. The impact your pricing has on your clients potential for success
  3. The impact your pricing has on your ability to hit your income and lifestyle goals

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