Taking Action vs. Faking Action

This is an awesome training session because I’m going to point out a big list of things that seem like they are helping, but really they are just sucking away your time and burning you out.

Then I’m going to give you a list of 6 things you can do right now that will have a big impact on growing your business.

Maybe you feel stuck and just don’t know what to do next.

Maybe you’ve gotten overwhelmed and feel like there’s just too many things to do.

Maybe you’ve gotten drawn into things that seem urgent, but they aren’t actually important – like refreshing your website, rebranding your business identity, or ramping up the action on your social media accounts.

Or, maybe you feel like you have to work for really cheap – maybe even for free – to build up a portfolio of work, and then – after doing all that hard work for free – you’ll be able to start charging the rates you need.

I’m going to bust all of those myths, reveal a BUNCH of time suckers that don’t produce results, and then I’m going to give you a list of six specific things you can start doing right now that differentiate you from everyone else in a way that will let you attract the clients you really want to work with at the rates you’re really worth. Let’s get dive in!