The Outcome-First Fallacy

There is a certain mindset that has a precondition paradox where the requirement to START doing something IS the RESULT of having already done the thing. It is a nasty trap that is virtually guaranteed to frustrate and burn you out.

Here are some examples:

  • I’ll hire a math tutor once I get my grades up.
  • I’ll get a golf coach once I’m shooting under 90.
  • I’ll start a diet plan once I start losing weight.
  • I’ll get guitar lessons once I learn to play a few songs.
  • I’ll start networking once I’ve made a name for myself in the industry.
  • I’ll hire a marketing consultant once my business starts to grow.
  • I’ll upgrade my website once we start getting some traffic.
  • I’ll invest in SEO once my site starts ranking on search engines.
  • I’ll integrate social media into my website once we build a larger follower base.
  • I’ll start practicing yoga once my flexibility improves.
  • I’ll join DoubleStack once I’ve landed a few clients.

Stuck, Stubborn, and Naive

With my stubborn personality, I’m VERY tempted to fall into this trap myself because I always have this “I’ll figure it out” attitude. It has cost me YEARS of time and probably hundreds of thousands of dollars.

What broke the cycle for me was talking to a business mentor of mine who asked me, “In a year from now, how much do you want to be making?”

I said I wanted to be over $150,000/year.

He asked, “Where are you now?”

At the time, I was at about $75,000/year.

He then asked, “How long have you been at $75,000?”

I said, “About three years.”

He said, “Given your last three years of history, how confident are you that you’ll double your income this year?”
That’s when reality started to hit. I said, “Well, probably only a 10% chance.” (Honestly, it was probably almost 0% because I didn’t know what to do.)

He said, “Do you know most of the people I’m coaching are making well over $200,000 per year? How likely are you to double your revenue if you’re hanging out with us?”

I can’t remember exactly what I said, but that was the question that changed the course of my business (and my life) forever.
So, when he asked, “Would you invest $10,000 to save yourself another three years of being stuck?”

Investing In My Future

At the time, I didn’t have $10,000. But I knew that the future version of me that’s making more than double what the current version of me was making wouldn’t have any trouble finding the $10k to pay myself back. So, I ended up splitting the payment across multiple credit cards.

Over the years, that $10k investment that I borrowed from my future self has turned into far more than $1 million. I had the $10k paid off within just a few months.

Now, a word of caution. I would NOT have done with just any random mentor. He had a proven track record and was someone I knew and trusted. I also wouldn’t have done it if I wasn’t 100% committed to giving myself entirely to the process. In other words, I went all in with someone I trusted. Those are two VERY important points.

The Key To Success

So, back to the bullet points above. I’m not saying you have to join DoubleStack. And also, just to be clear, DoubleStack doesn’t cost anywhere near $10k. That’s just what I paid to join my first mastermind group.

All I’m saying is that in whatever you do – from web design to golf – beware of this tricky mindset trap of requiring yourself to succeed before you get the help you need to actually be successful.

There’s a lot of wasted time, lost money, and lonely tears in that trap.

Be Seen Before You’re Heard

For us, as web design and online marketing experts, it’s hard to get clients if nobody knows who you are. In other words, cold leads are the hardest to land. It is extremely helpful if you can be seen before you’re heard. We call this developing your authority network. These are the people who see you as the go-to person for solving a meaningful problem for your target audience.

I have developed a system called the Authority Framework that walks you through the entire process from picking your niche to landing clients. The Authority Framework is responsible for generating more 6-figure web designers than anything else I’ve ever seen.

Niche Mastery

Discover how to tap into the most profitable local markets without limiting yourself to a single industry.

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