The Power Of Mindset In Your Business, Relationships, and Life

From Losing Everything To Having Everything In Less Than A Year

When that divorce happened, I lost everything. I didn’t have one dollar. I was living on a friend’s couch. I was terrified I was going to have to leave The Keys. I love it here. Through your mentorship and some others, I met who taught me about gratefulness, mindfulness, and positivity I took a risk.

Now, I’m a charter boat captain in the Florida keys. I’ve doubled my income. I spend 6-8 hours on a sandbar meeting people from all over the world. We had the quarterback from the Denver Broncos on board, Jimmy Butler from Miami Heat… I’m dating the most wonderful woman in the entire world.

Here are my seven big takeaways from talking with Jim.

My Big Takeaways

Jim and I had a great conversation about the impact your mindset has on your relationships, your business, and your life. We also talk about how to put your mindset in action with some simple, practical steps. It’s not easy. It’s hard. But it is not complicated. Here are a few of my key takeaways from the conversation.

Allow Yourself To Believe Even If It Feels Delusional

Jim has this incredible story of the last 18 months of his life. He got hit with an avalanche of crap that hit him really hard. He worked really hard. He said, “I had to throw down to get it. It took everything I had…” That’s so inspiring to me. But hard work alone is not enough to make these transformational changes. It also takes the right attitude and mindset otherwise you stay stuck in the nasty negative feedback loop. To break out of the loop allow yourself to believe that success is ahead, even if you feel like it’s delusional to think differently at first.

Anxiety vs Excitement

The feeling of anxiety and the feeling of excitement is literally the same, exact feeling with only one difference – whether or not you believe the outcome is going to be good or bad. If you feel like the outcome is going to suck, you’ve got anxiety. If you believe good things are coming, you’re excited. Therefore, the way you flip the switch and turn your anxiety into excitement is to change what you believe the outcome is going to be. This is what mindset is all about.

Get Clear and Specific About What You Actually Want

Rather than just sitting around wishing things were different, write some stuff down that you want to see happen. Then keep that stuff in the front of your mind and start acting like it is guaranteed to happen. Jim made a list of things he wanted to see different about his life. I believe a big part of getting what you want is knowing what you want. As Jim points on several times, it’s still hard and you’ve got to give it everything you’ve got. But if you don’t even know what you want you’ll never get it.

People Make A Huge Difference

Another really important point Jim makes is to surround yourself with the right people who will believe in you and support you. I also firmly believe this as well which is why I put such a strong emphasis on our DoubleStack community. Everyone in the group believes in you and supports you on your journey to building your business.

Crap Doesn’t Last As Long As It Seems Like It Will

When you’re in the crap it seems neverending. But what I’ve found to be true, and Jim underscores this point as well with his story, the nasty part of his life really only lasted about two months before the turn-around started. Jim got divorced and within five months he:

  • Fell in love with an amazing, awesome, beautiful, supportive, and inspirational person
  • Got his own completely remodeled apartment in the Florida Keys
  • Got his captain’s license and became a charter boat captain
  • Left the worst job in the world where he was breaking his toes on pallet jacks and now has an awesome job at Florida Keys Digital

He says, “I’ve never been happier in my whole entire life.”

Give Back, Do Good, And Be Grateful

Your mindset also has to include giving back. You can just be “Give me. Give me. Give me.” Be grateful and give thanks for everything and every opportunity that comes your way.

Be Bold

Be bold. Believe that good things are coming even if it feels “delusional” at first because in a couple of months it is going to go from delusion to reality.

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