The Secret To Making 10X More Than The Average WordPress Developer

Where Are You Going To Be In Five Years?

What word or phrase would YOUR CLIENTS use to describe what you do for them? Would they call you some type of technical implementer? Or, do they think of you as a revenue-generating partner helping them build their business?

The answer to THAT QUESTION has everything to do with where you’re going to be in five years. Even just a few years ago – before Wix and Squarespace – it was technically much more difficult to create a well designed, responsive website. A lot of people founded their web design businesses on being the resource for getting their clients online. Today, clients can get themselves online. Not only that but they can do it on a platform that doesn’t require plugin updates, backups, or maintenance plans. How does your business stand up in the face of these changes? What are you doing to differentiate yourself? How are you going to attract clients willing to pay 10X more than what everyone else is charging?

If you’re running your business as someone who “builds websites” and you’re trying to generate recurring revenue by getting your clients to pay for WordPress maintenance plans, over the next few years you’re going to find your clients opting to go with a platform where they can build their own websites and where maintenance plans aren’t necessary. How are you planning to compete with that?

Let’s talk about how to keep your business relevant in today’s changing economy because there are two things that are true at the same time.

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