How The Top Web Designers Are Winning High-Ticket Clients

Most web designers are stuck in an outdated mindset walking their clients through the same old tired 5-step process everybody else is using shown below.

  1. Discovery:
    Figure out what the client wants
  2. Strategy:
    Put a plan together to achieve the goals that were just discovered
  3. Development:
    Implement the plan
  4. Review:
    Make sure the client likes what was created
  5. Launch:
    Launch the site (and the client) out of your life so you can go do it all again for the next client.

The problem comes down to the difference in how web designers and clients value the problems that are getting solved. Web designers tend to think from the bottom up starting with the technical challenges that need to be overcome. Clients start from the top down with the life and business problems they are facing. This creates the value gap. 

If you’ve ever felt like you just can’t get the client to see “the value” even though you know you’re capable of great work, it is because you’re not bridging the value gap.

In this session, you’ll discover the hierarchy of the “pyramid of problems” so you can bridge the value gap between the technical solutions most web designers focus on and the end results clients want to see in their lives and businesses.

This is for web designers who can do great work and they are ready to upgrade the quality (and value) of their clients.

Discover the new approach to high-ticket web design.