Top 10 High-Ticket WordPress Myths Debunked – part 2

The truth is that there are only two things holding back most web designers and WordPress developers from running a 6-figure business:

  1. Their marketing
  2. Their mindset

Once those two things are dialed in, all the other problems are revealed for what they really are – self-sabotaging myths.

There are a bunch of myths people believe that are preventing them from serving their clients more deeply and earning the income they are really worth.

Here are a few things I hear all the time and each one is based on a marketing or a mindset problem.

  • Clients don’t see the value of my work. Even though I’ve got years of experience, nobody is willing to pay reasonable rates for my work.
  • Nobody ever agrees to a monthly retainer. I offer hosting, WordPress updates and maintenance, pre-paid support plans, etc. Everybody turns down any sort of monthly retainer.
  • I can’t justify my higher prices because there are so many people doing exactly what I do but they charge a lot less.
  • If I only had that “secret” tool or marketing platform that nobody else knows about, then I could charge more. I need something unique like that to set myself apart.

In this workshop, we’re going to dive into each of these myths. We’ll take a look at the truths these myths are founded on. Then we’ll explore what the reality is and what clients actually want.

This workshop is a critical session for anyone who feels like they can really make an impact if only they could find the right clients.

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