There Are Only Two Types Of Web Design Clients

Does it feel like you’re only attracting clients with tiny budgets? How do you reach high-paying clients? The answer is very simple. It’s not easy, but it isn’t complicated. Here’s how.

There Are Only Two Types Of Clients

First, it is important to realize that there are only two types of clients. People in the first group of clients fundamentally do not believe their website is going to win clients for them. People in the second group want to grow their business and they view online marketing as the channel that’s going to achieve that growth. These are the only two groups. In terms of mindset, there is no middle ground. There are varying degrees of confidence when it comes to success. But when it comes to the mindset people have regarding their budget for their websites, there is no middle ground.

Most Web Designers Accidentally Attract Cheap Clients

By positioning yourself as someone who offers “affordable” web design services, not only are you attracting low-budget clients you are also repelling the good clients who actually want to hire you to grow their businesses.

Stop right now and think about what you’re saying about yourself.

  • What are you saying on your website?
  • What do you say when someone asks what you do?
  • What information are you giving people so they understand that you have the expertise, skill, and authority to actually get results for them?

Again, there are only two types of clients. If you’re not attracting the results-driven clients you are attracting the people “affordable” websites.

Converting Cheap Projects Into High-Ticket Clients

While there are only two types of clients, it is possible to convert someone out of Group 1 into Group 2. To do that, you have to change their mindset and that’s a pretty hard thing to shift. It’s possible. But it’s like turning a cruise ship. It happens slowly and takes a lot of effort. Most of the time the client is so set on just getting a quick website that they aren’t even interested in having their mindset changed.

Have you ever tried to upsell a marketing package, or SEO, or a maintenance plan? They don’t want it because they don’t believe in it.

The best way to attract high-ticket clients is to start with how you position your business. Put yourself in the path of the types of clients you want to reach. This also means DO NOT put yourself in the path of clients you don’t want to work with.

Who Shops At Surf Shops?

Let’s walk through a quick analogy. You are at the beach and you want to try surfing. So, you go to one of those surf shops along the main strip. You see the surfboards along the back wall so you go to take a look. There are two boards. One costs $500 the other one is $5,000.

The surf pro comes over to talk to you and asks how she can help. You tell her you’re at the beach for the week and you want to try surfing. You point at the $500 board. She then proceeds to tell you how much better the $5,000 board is. She tells you this board was made by a custom shaper and his boards were used to win the Pipeline Masters champion for the last 5 years in a row. The winner of the Pipeline Masters gets $525,000 in prize money and that doesn’t even start to count all the sponsorship money you get from being the champion. You’re hearing about how this better board could easily bring in well over $1million for you making the $5,000 cost seem like nothing.

You don’t care and leave with the $500 board.

See how hard it is to shift the client’s mindset when you put your business in the path of the wrong type of client?

How To Get Better Clients

Put yourself in the path of the type of clients you really want. If you don’t want cheap clients, don’t advertise “affordable” services.

If you want high-ticket clients, align your marketing with the outcome your ideal clients want.

If you want help repositioning your business so you’re landing awesome clients, schedule a call.

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