Use Facebook to Get Traffic to Your Website

How to use Facebook to drive traffic to your website

Facebook is recognized as the most popular social networking site currently in existence. Facebook holds this position for a number of reasons, one of which is because it provides an arena for people who are looking to engage in conversation about any number of topics, and keep up with friends, colleagues, and business partners. Here are some strategies you can consider, in using Facebook as a tool to get traffic to your WordPress website for your online business.

Facebook Has Great Business Value

There was a time when Facebook would get overlooked by individuals in the business community in favor of other platforms targeting professionals like LinkedIn. Facebook has been seen as a fairly casual, social arena, with little business value. Some businesses considered it a waste of their time, as they perceived Facebook to be a place for teens to connect with their friends about the latest singing sensation or the most recent pet video. This perception has changed, as Facebook has emerged as a very powerful tool for businesses who are seeking to promote themselves, and whose users are not primarily adolescents.

Great Customers Are On Facebook

You can find great customers on Facebook. Facebook is not just for teens. In fact, the average user tends to be young adults (over 21), who have disposable income available to them, that they can spend with you. They are tech-savvy, and are comfortable spending money online which makes them a great audience for your online business.

It is significant to note that the fastest growing segment of Facebook users are women age 65 and older. If you have a product or service for these individuals, you can use Facebook very effectively to advertise and gain awareness for your business. Facebook is now widely recognized as a critical tool for driving traffic to you online business website.

Facebook Users Are Great For Online Businesses

Facebook users tend to be active; they are on the site daily, seeking new information all the time. That new information can be your Facebook posts, links to your blog posts, and links to pages on your website where you invite them to sign up for your email list.

Use Facebook To Grow Your Email List

The best way to use Facebook, and any the social media platforms, is to drive traffic to your website to grow your email list.  The very nature of Facebook lends itself well to driving traffic – users are constantly sharing info about their likes and interests which means that if they like your material, they will tell their friends and let additional Facebook users know. This free traffic, free advertising, and the way you create buzz about your business.

You Have To Keep Things Fresh

Having said all of this, it is of primary importance that you bear in mind, that attempting to use Facebook as a tool to get traffic to your website won’t go well if you aren’t regularly updating both your Facebook page and your website, and continually monitoring them both to make sure that the information you are sharing is up-to-date and beneficial. If you are generating content that people find helpful, Facebook is a great tool to use to invite people to visit your website.