Why Selling Sucks And 5 Steps To Genuinely Fix It

If your marketing is ineffective then you won’t be generating leads and winning new clients. That means you’re not in control of your cash-flow. If you’re not in control of your cash-flow you don’t actually have a business.

Being in business for yourself means generating business for yourself. That means winning new clients and getting them to pay you for things. The problem is most people are uncomfortable selling and almost everyone hates being sold to. So, therein lies the problem. If you hate selling and your clients hate being sold to, what are you supposed to do?

Why This Is A New-ish Problem

The problem with selling is a fairly new thing because historically everything was very closed down. There was very little transparency. It was very hard to know if the offer being presented to you was genuinely a good offer. People tended to have a different and more curious mindset when they went into the marketplace. This is true both with the vendors and the customers. Vendors could believe in their products even if there were better products available because they didn’t know about the better alternatives. Customers would happily accept the offers as being in their best interest because they didn’t have access to any better alternatives. So, to some degree, everyone was blissfully entering into these exchanges feeling pretty good about things overall. Vendors were saying this is the best thing I know about to offer you. Customers were thinking this is the best thing available to me.

From Curious To Suspicious

As the marketplace started opening up – especially now with the internet – a lot of times vendors are fully aware that what they are offering is not the best. Customers have shifted from curious to suspicious.

This is so much the case that people in “sales” have all kinds of tactics and tricks to get people “close the deal.” The process has become a battle. The humanity has left the building. It has become very one-sided – on both sides. Customers want the cheapest prices because they are just looking out for their own best interest even if they don’t know what’s best for them. Vendors just want to “close the deal” even if what they are selling is not the right fit for the customer. Everybody gets beat up and everybody loses when the situation devolves into this type of situation.

The 5 Step Solution To Genuinely Fix The Problem Of Selling

In today’s presentation, we take a deep dive into the 5-step process to genuinely fix the problem of “selling.” If you feel like sales is super uncomfortable but you have to do it anyway, then this is the session for you because you’re going to get a clear 5-step plan that will genuinely transform the way you think about reaching out to clients. That will change you’re mindset and the energy you bring to your client meetings. That will change the way people respond to you and the success you have winning new high-value, long-term clients.

I’m really excited about this one and I think you will be too!

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