Winning Clients During The Coronavirus Outbreak

Now, more so than ever before, it is your chance to legitimately save the world. You can take this as a great opportunity or you might find this to be hard-hitting. Either way, the truth is that if you want to make an impact with your skills and build a business that genuinely helps people you’re not going to get there by offering them web design services and online marketing skills. You have to take it up a level and tell people HOW YOU CAN HELP THEM, not just what things you can do for them.

What Is Your Secret Sauce?

If you ask most web designers what their secret sauce is they’ll usually tell you a combination of three things:

  • They really care about their clients
  • They offer great customer service
  • Their prices are a great value

Most People Like Their Clients

If this sounds like you, the problem is you’re not going to attract the right clients and you’re not setting yourself apart from all the competition. Most web designers care about their clients. Obviously there are a few outliers who are just trying to crank out useless websites. But, you can sniff those out by their ridiculously low ($500 or less) pricing.

Spicing Things Up With Excellent Customer Service

The problem with relying on a great customer service experience to win new clients is customer service is something your client experiences after the sale. You can really use that to your advantage when you’re trying to get your proposal accepted over everyone else’s. To some degree, your client will perceive at least a little value of being able to meet with you locally or at least have you in their same time zone. But that’s not going to set you apart from everyone else who is also in your timezone. Do you really want to be competing with everyone in your time zone with no other way to set yourself apart?

Getting A Good Deal

Well, of course not. That’s why most web developers fall back to the value of their services. They may not be the cheapest person out there, but they consider themselves a very good value. Competing on price is the fastest route to going out of business. If you don’t believe it, just look at what Squarespace, Wix, Fiverr, and Upwork are doing to people who market themselves as a provider of web development and online marketing services. Do you want to work for the rates people are getting on Upwork? Ok, then what else do you have going for you that sets you apart? Great customer service?

This is not secret sauce! It’s ketchup.

How Can You Help People?

This is the most important thing we work on in DoubleStack. We spend a great deal of time and effort in making sure you have clarity on exactly how you can use your technical skills to genuinely help people.

If you ready to discover:

  • The tools and platforms you can use to drive results for clients
  • Create your authoritative story of how you help people
  • Develop a solid client onboarding process

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