The Future of WordPress Page Builders In 2021 – With Patrick McCoy

Today, we’ve got Patrick McCoy and we’re talking about WordPress page builders and all kinds of stuff surrounding that topic like the impact page builders have on core web vitals. Patrick has an awesome YouTube channel where he does WordPress theme reviews and shares his insight into where he believes WordPress is headed in the future.

What I really appreciate about Patrick is that he’s not just repeating what everybody else has already said. He loads up live environments and runs his own tests. That means Patrick is gathering new data that other people don’t have which results in him having insights that other people haven’t yet discovered. 

We get started talking about how Gutenberg is really speedy, but you can build websites faster with page builders. So how do you balance all of that to get the best results for you and your clients?

We also talk about…

Optimizing Your Workflow
Which page builder should you choose if you are trying to bring consistency to your workflow?

WordPress Tools For End Users vs Developers
Has Gutenberg divided the WordPress community into two different communities – end users versus developers?

The Future of Plugin Development
How are page builders and Gutenberg impacting the future of plugin development – especially around user interface design decisions?

The Built By Service
WordPress (themselves) will build custom sites starting at $4,900 with their Built By service. How has that impacted the WordPress developer community?

What’s The Future For Page Builders?
The WordPress community has not landed on how they want to build websites which is why there are so many theme and page builder options. What’s missing and where are we headed?

Can Solo WordPress Developers Still Compete?
Can small teams (or solo developers) still make it or is everything moving towards large WordPress businesses like iThemes (over 20 employees), Elegant Themes (over 80 employees), and Elementor (over 125 employees)?


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