Faster, Easier Way To Get Leads

Most web designers try to get leads in the hardest way possible. Why do we do that to ourselves?

There are only two ways I know of to get leads for web design and digital marketing.

  1. Get more famous
  2. Make better offers

In just a minute, you’ll see how you can actually do both of these things as long as you do them in the right order. Unfortunately, most people go about it backward and burn out before they achieve either goal.

Word of Mouth Referrals

The vast majority of web designers I talk to rely almost entirely on word-of-mouth referrals. That means someone who knows you also knows someone else looking for web design and digital marketing. They like you. They like their friend. They make an introduction.

Meet More People. Get More Leads.

How do you get more referrals? Meet more people. In other words, you need to become famous, at least on a local level.

The Problem With Fame

To become famous, even at a local level, is hard. It generally involves meeting a bunch of people like in BNI groups and Chamber of Commerce meetings. You oftentimes have to take on low-cost work just to build your portfolio and your initial client relationships. You’re also constantly working on elevating your authority which means you’ll be doing a lot of public speaking, writing blog posts, and maybe even writing a book. You’ll need to have a decent social media following which is also time-consuming and expensive to build.

If you’ve got the time and the money to invest, building your fame can certainly pay off. But you need to have three things:

  • Relationships: Many people need to know you
  • Time: You need a lot of time to build your reputation
  • Skill: You need to deliver great work

The problem is, it’s expensive and takes a long time. Most people need more clients now – or as soon as possible.

Fastest Way To Get More Leads

The faster, easier way to get more leads is to start making better offers.

Most web designers don’t make any offers. They wait for their leads to make the offer. In other words, they wait for someone to say, “Are you willing to do X if I pay you Y?”

If you make a rock-solid offer, you can land high-ticket clients in as little as one conversation.

Why Make Offers?

Developing a delicious offer only requires skill. You don’t need relationships, and you save a ton of time. All you need is to tell people how you can help them. Then back that up with some sort of a guarantee to reduce their perceived risk. The guarantee also shows that you know what you’re doing and have some skin in the game.

Furthermore, once you start presenting these delicious offers, you will automatically be building your fame.

Make delicious offers and you’ll get paid to become famous.

If you don’t make offers, you’ll probably burn out and nobody will notice.

What Is A Delicious Offer?

I like to call these delicious offers because there is a degree to which you are satisfying your client’s craving for something.

You need three components.

  1. Specific target audience
  2. Measurable real-world outcome
  3. Risk reduction feature

Watch the second half of the video above, and I’ll demonstrate all three of these components on our own Blue Theory landing page.

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