How To Get Your Clients To Take Action

Are you waiting for a client to send you copy for the website? Do you have proposals sitting out there but nobody is getting back to you? Are you ready to really crush it but your client is dragging their feet? There are two problems that stall out projects. Solving these two problems will energize your clients and fire up your projects like never before. Let’s talk about how to get your clients to (finally) take action.

The Two Big Problems

There are two things that stall out your projects.

  1. Client deliverables
  2. Lack of urgency

Client Deliverables

Client deliverables are the things you need from your client in order to do your work. The most notorious client deliverable that stalls out projects is waiting on copy. Even if you have a signed contract with the expectations clearly defined for when the copy is due and it’s clear that you cannot move forward without it, it still doesn’t matter. The copy is just not forthcoming. Deadlines are missed. The project drags out.

Why won’t they give you the copy?

Your client is not trying to delay the production of their website. It really comes down to just two things.

  1. They are not good at writing copy so they procrastinate
  2. They are too busy running their business

Most business owners are really bad at creating copy for their website. They don’t like writing. It’s hard for them to do. And, even when they put the time in, the result is usually pretty bland. They may be too verbose. The format is not engaging. The voice is too technical. There are too many details and not enough emphasis on why anybody should invest the time in reading everything.

Bottom line… they are bad at writing copy. It’s a painful process. They put off doing it.

Lack of Urgency

The other big problem holding everything back is lack of urgency. Your client is busy running their business, taking calls, dealing with problems, and all the other things that they have to do to keep the business running. The website just gets pushed to the back burner where it can simmer until they have some extra time. They aren’t seeing any immediate benefits coming from the website so there is no need to give it immediate attention.

This problem is often exacerbated by the proposal – especially if you’re working on SEO which takes at least 6 months of hard work before you start seeing the benefits. If you want to get your clients attention, there has to be an element of urgency built into the project.

What Can You Do?

Each of these problems can be overcome by your leadership. Like we were talking about when we discussed the first step towards a 6-figure WordPress business if you want to run better client meetings and keep your projects on track you have to lead your clients with integrity.

With regard to getting copy from your client, what if you didn’t put that responsibility on them in the first place and, instead, provided that service. If you don’t feel like you’re good at writing copy, that’s absolutely something we can talk about and I can help you ramp up those skills. I can work with you on developing a system that will streamline this aspect of deploying awesome websites.

So what about urgency? How do you get your client to feel a sense of urgency with regard to completing and launching their website? The urgency comes from two angles. First, there is the urgency associated with the eager anticipation of starting the online strategies that will bring in more business. Not, the online endeavors like blogging, content marketing, SEO, etc. but the actual outcomes of having done those things.

The other angel for imparting urgency looks back at missed opportunities because you haven’t done the things you’re getting ready to do. When you’re client realizes the opportunities that have gone by there is an urgency towards stopping the problem.

Bottom line… to get your clients to take action make it easier for them by taking on the tasks yourself that your client would normally push of and delay. Then impart urgency to the project by highlighting the missed opportunities and the brilliance of things to come.


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