5 Steps To A 6-Figure WordPress Business – Step 1

It’s no secret that WordPress is booming right now. According to W3Techs, as of June 2018, WordPress is used by 59.9% of all websites using a content management system. This accounts for 31.1% of all websites! That’s a HUGE number. That means almost 1 in 3 websites are powered by WordPress. WordPress is by far the #1 platform for developing websites. Clearly, the WordPress marketing is booming and represents a huge opportunity for WordPress developers.

WordPress is booming, but WordPress developers and freelancers are dying. The WordPress economy is booming, demand is incredibly strong, and there is an incredible opportunity right now for people who know how to work with WordPress. But, the reason I say WordPress developers and freelancers are dying is because the vast majority of people who work with WordPress are earning very low rates for their work.

If you take a look at all the statistics, for example, WP Engine released a report, WPMuDev wrote about this, every year Stack Overflow conducts a survey, take a look at the statistics from Upwork… and you will find that:

  • The average hourly rate for WordPress work is between $10-29/hour
  • The average WordPress project on Upwork is just $194
  • The average WordPress site costs less than $1,000
  • The average WordPress freelancer makes less than $35,000/year

So, how can this be? How can there be such growth with WordPress and such strong demand for WordPress development while, at the same time, the vast majority of WordPress developers are really struggling?

But, here’s the thing. Not ALL WordPress developers are caught up in this problem. When you put all the data together, a very interesting picture emerges. While the vast majority of WordPress developers are earning very low rates and making less than $35,000/year, there is also an elite group of WordPress consultants who are crushing it with 6-figure businesses.

So, what’s happening in the WordPress economy right now is very very good for a lot of WordPress developers, but it’s also very very bad for most of the people trying to make a living with WordPress. What we are starting today is a 5-step system that will give you the roadmap to make yourself be one of the winners taking into account everything that’s happening right now and everything that has changed in today’s saturated WordPress marketplace.

The stuff we’re going to be talking about in the next 5 videos can have real consequences for your personal situation, the future of your business, and the future of the WordPress industry as a whole.

I’m excited to kick things off today with step one in The 5 Steps To A 6-Figure WordPress Business. 

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5 Steps To A 6 Figure WordPress Business – Series

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