5 Steps To A 6-Figure WordPress Business – Step 3

Are you having a hard time communicating your value to your clients? Are you worried about losing projects to people who are willing to work for a lot less? Do your clients drag their feet and draw out your projects forever. Or maybe they say they want to work with you but they are taking forever to getting around to actually doing something? If any of this sounds familiar, the problem is probably your marketing. In other words, you’re probably talking about websites, digital marketing, SEO, and other tech stuff – not the stuff your clients really care about.

Transform Your Marketing

Today we’re talking about Step 3 in the 5 Steps To A 6-Figure WordPress Business – and that’s tansform your marketing. I have worked with a lot of WordPress developers and consultants and have reviewed a lot of their websites. There seems to be this unspoken formula for how everyone builds their websites in terms of what they say to describe their business. Here’s the formula everybody uses.

80% Technical Skills
HTML, CSS, SEO, Responsive Design, Graphic Design, Digital Marketing, etc. Whatever it is that you know how to do, list all of those things.

15% Portfolio
Showcase a few of your favorite sites that you have built. In addition to a screenshot of the site, also include a brief description of the technical tools that went into building the site. (PHP, HTML, MySQL, LAMP, Ecommerce, etc.)

5% Client Testimonials
If you have client testimonials, sprinkle them in where you can to show that working with you is great and that you really care about your clients.

Your Website != Your Resume

The problem is NOT that you don’t have a terrific list of skills. These could even be skills that you were paid a really nice salary for when you worked at an agency. The problem is you are marketing to the wrong people.

Do you know who cares about your tech skills? Agencies, recruiters, and corporations care because they are looking to hire people with robust technical skills like HTML, CSS, Responsive Web Design, and all the other things you might be tempted to list on your website. They have an entirely separate branch of their business that worries about the business development strategies for their clients and they need you to show up with the technical chops to implement the stuff they come up with.

You know how doesn’t care about your tech skills? Your clients. Not only do they not care, they don’t even know what most of that stuff even is. If you’re building your websites like it’s your online resume, then you’re marketing to the wrong people.

This is why you’re not connecting with your clients. This is why your clients keep dragging their feet and slowing everything down. This is also why your clients are haggling over your prices. They think that if you’re too expensive then they can just go on Fiverr or Upwork and find somebody cheaper. Or, maybe they’ll just build the website themselves on Wix or something.

What Makes You Different?

If you’re wondering:

  • How to set yourself apart from all the low-budget WordPress developers
  • How to raise your rates without losing clients
  • How to get your clients excited about working with you and launching their website

then this video is for you!

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