5 Steps To A 6-Figure WordPress Business – Step 4

Now that we’ve talked about what it takes to transform your business in our previous sessions:

You can do those three things for your clients too. This leads us to the fourth fundamental shift you need to make to transform your WordPress business into a profitable, 6-Figure business is to transform your results.

Almost all business owners really struggle to convey what they do to the people they are trying to help because they focus almost entirely on their solution and immediately dive deep into the details. This is why it takes forever to get content from your clients. When you’re deep into the weeds of what you do, it’s really hard to pull back and take a look at the big picture.

Your Clients Are Stuck

One thing that draws out projects and causes huge headaches for WordPress consultants is not getting copy from your clients. This can hang up projects for weeks or months. Eventually either you nag the client enough or they feel too guilty in their procrastination, they finally crank out some content and send it to you. The copy almost always stinks, but at this point, nobody cares because you just want to get this project launched. Most WordPress developers never even bother to read the copy or help in any way to improve the messaging. Instead, they just copy and paste the words from Word Docs to WordPress.

But, you know what? The very things that are missing from your business right now are also missing from theirs. Once you learn how to unlock the secrets of success for your business you can do the same thing for your clients. And, if you can do this, it’s going to be a HUGE differentiating factor that sets you apart from everybody else.  This is how you generate powerful results for your clients.

Websites Don’t Bring In Clients

The truth is that websites do not bring in clients. If they did, then everyone with a website would have plenty of clients. It’s not the website that brings the clients, it’s all about what you do with the website and a big part of that is messaging and how you engage with your clients.

Why Is Working With You Better?

If you are NOT focussing on that, then you’re just putting web pages on the internet. Anybody can put web pages on the internet. If that’s all – or the primary thing – that you do, then you’re going to have a really hard time competing against the WordPress developers charging $10 – $20 per hour. You are also competing against FREE DIY website builders. It’s very hard to raise your rates when you’re competing against free alternatives.

But, if you can create websites that attract, interest,  and engage clients, you are delivering powerful results. Powerful results command premium prices!

What Is A Successful Project?

A successful project is no longer a project where you are simply checking off tasks on a technical todo list. It’s not just responsive design, SEO, and digital marketing. Those are things you use to pave the road. But now, the results you deliver are the outcomes from having done those things. They are not the individual services.

5 Questions To Ask Yourself

Are you looking to build up the skills you need to implement the types of things that drive results for your clients?

Would you like someone to show you a streamlined and efficient pattern to build, deploy, and maintain the sites you create?

Do you want someone to look over your website and help you create a site that attracts the clients you want to work with?

Do you want someone to go over proposals with you to make sure you are hitting the important points your clients care about while leaving out the stuff that’s disengaging and distracting?

Are you wondering what systems you can put in place for your business so, rather than letting your clients go right after you launch their site, you can keep working with them while building streams of reliable recurring income for you?

If you are answering, “Yes!” to these questions, then schedule a free call with me.

We’ll get on the phone one-on-one for about 45 minutes and talk about how you can start transforming your business into the successful, fulfilling, high-value business you’ve been wanting and trying to create.

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