5 Steps To A 6-Figure WordPress Business – Step 5

This is the final step in our 5 part series on the critical shifts you need to make in your business to break free from low-budget, inconsistent projects so you can start winning high-ticket projects with clients who value your work. This shift is all about surrounding yourself with people who can help. In other words, don’t be Rambo, join the Navy SEALs. Let’s talk about it.

Creativity and Resourcefulness

I have noticed two remarkable characteristics of people in the WordPress community. I have been to and spoken at quite a few WordCamps and WordPress meetup groups. The WordPress community is filled with really smart, creative, resourceful people who can figure stuff out and get things done. For me, one of the best parts of going to a WordCamp, is lunch because that provides a time where you can dive into some deep conversations with people about what they are doing. This is the best time to meet people and talk about how they use WordPress, what kind of business they have, and really get to know folks. The people I’ve met have been super smart and interesting people doing unique and adventurous things.

This characteristic of the WordPress community is something that I personally value very highly. In fact, I’m trying to instill this attitude of creativity and resourcefulness in my own children. If you’re going to be successful you have to be creative, and resourceful. And, you have to be able to learn and teach yourself new things.

Don’t Be The Lone Wolf

The other thing I’ve noticed is that sometimes people take resourcefulness and independence too far. Sometimes people overemphasize their creativity and ingenuity to the point where they become very resistant to advice. Rather than reaching out for help when they need it, they close down and turn inward for all of the answers. This is a great thing to do some of the time. Like I just said, being resourceful, creative, and having the ability to learn independently is a critical skill, but it’s not the ONLY skill. You also need to know how to reach out and get help when you need it.

The problem with trying to do EVERYTHING on your own is that you are restricted to just your own thoughts and ideas. Sometimes you can get so deep in the weeds that you stop seeing the big picture. Maybe you’re developing a business plan but when you add up the rates you charge and count the number of clients you need to hit your income goals it just doesn’t add up to success. But if you spoke to someone and talked through the types of clients you work with, the rates you charge, and your goals then someone who has been where you are can open your eyes to new possibilities that you would never have come up with on your own.

Two Things You Don’t Know

There are really two different categories of things you don’t know. There are the things that you KNOW that you don’t know and the things that are completely outside your head. Almost all of the time, the things that are stalling you out are those things that you don’t know that you don’t know.

For example, maybe you know that you could be better at CSS. Or maybe you don’t know much about JavaScript. Or maybe you’re thinking about learning more about ecommerce. These are all things that you know are out there, but you haven’t taken the time yet to dive in and learn. But, the reason you have not taken the time to learn them yet is because even if you already knew those things you’re not seeing how adding those skills will grow your business. At a high level, adding more skills means you can do more things but how does that equate to charging higher rates or attracting better clients or winning more projects?

Are you able to close more deals if you get better at JavaScript? Can you get clients to agree to pay higher rates because you know how to write better CSS? The answer is probably no. That’s why you haven’t felt the urgency to dive in and master those new skills. You don’t see how that stuff is going to make any difference when it comes to actually winning more clients and building your business.

That’s where the other category of things comes in – the stuff you don’t know that you don’t know. The real roadblocks – the stuff that stalls out your forward progress – are the questions that have answers that are completely outside your head.

Invest In Mentoring

To break through those roadblocks, it’s important to find and invest in high-quality training. Everyone at the top of their field invests in training and mentoring. It’s obviously impossible to know everything on your own. For example, I’m sure you’re having ideas right now because you’re reading this that you otherwise would not have had on your own.

So, if you’re wondering things like:

  • How can you hit your income goals without having to launch a website every week?
  • What can you do to start generating recurring revenue with the type of clients you work with?
  • Why is working with you better than building a free website on Wix?
  • What can you do to set yourself apart in a way that enables you to command premium prices for your work?

More Of The Same vs. Strong Answers

It’s important to have strong, unique, differentiating answers to these types of questions. When you meet with new clients they are going to be thinking that working with you is just one of their options. If they don’t like what you’re offering maybe they could find someone cheaper on Upwork or Fiverr. Or maybe they would be fine with a free website on Wix that they could build for themselves over the weekend. If they ask why they should work with you are you going to say things like:

  • Your website will be fast and bug-free.
  • I answer the phone when you call.
  • We’re in the same time zone.
  • We can meet face-to-face.
  • I really care about you.
  • I’m nice.

Or, are you going to be able to list tangible, specific, business-oriented, results-driven reason why working with you is dramatically different from what they are going to get from cheaper alternatives?

Unlocking Success: Two Keys Required

If you’re going to unlock success for your business you need both keys. You have to have that powerful, personal characteristic of being creative and resourceful AND you need to be working with someone who can help you clear those roadblocks with solutions that you’re just not seeing.

One Last Thing…

Writing this post has been a challenge for me because I was one of those people who stubbornly delayed getting the coaching and mentoring I needed. I felt like I was smart enough to figure it out all on my own and – while maybe it would take a little bit longer – I would get there. The truth is, it just doesn’t work that way.

If you’re like I was and you’re tired and frustrated seeing people get the results you are looking for while you’re still stuck then now is the time to do something about it.

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